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Archive | November, 2007

Does a Pit Bull have to be kept chained up?

Patch O’ Pits writes: Speaking as an owner I have never had mine chained up. So no it is not necessary for them to be chained up. Mine are kept indoors and when they are outside are in a fenced yard supervised for playtime and potty breaks 🙂 How dogs are kept of course would  Full Article…


What is the best food for a Pit Bull?

Patch O’ Pits writes: The best food would be a high quality one in my opinion that would be a food that has a good solid protein source from meat as the first ingredient and one that does not contain soy, corn, wheat, by products, BHA, added colorings , flavorings or other unnecessary things.


What is the best place to get a Pit Bull?

Patch O’ Pits writes: The best place to get not only an APBT but any breed of dog is through either a reputable rescue or shelter who does temperament testing or through a ethical responsible breeder.