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Are Pit Bulls Safe With Children?

Mary McGowan writes:
Pit Bulls are perfectly safe with children as long as the dog is used to being around them. Pit Bulls are an extremely loyal breed and as far as the dog belonging to a family with children, the dog will become a protector of the child just as much as of the adult owners. As with any breed, some dogs just don’t get along well with children or aren’t accustomed to them. In my experiences, the only times my Pit Bulls have had a problem with children is if they’ve been teased excessively by them in the past. I’ve been around these dogs since I was a baby; my brothers and I were raised with them. The only thing that I’ve taken away from this bond of child and dog is a lifelong friendship. As with most other controversies surrounding Pit Bulls- it really comes down to how the dog is raised.

  • Lorri

    I had a Pitt bull in my home w my first newborn and she would stand guard at his bassinett throughout the night..amazing dog..so sweet