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Does a Pit Bull have to be kept chained up?

Patch O’ Pits writes: Speaking as an owner I have never had mine chained up. So no it is not necessary for them to be chained up. Mine are kept indoors and when they are outside are in a fenced yard supervised for playtime and potty breaks 🙂 How dogs are kept of course would  Full Article…


What is the best place to get a Pit Bull?

Patch O’ Pits writes: The best place to get not only an APBT but any breed of dog is through either a reputable rescue or shelter who does temperament testing or through a ethical responsible breeder.


Are Pit Bulls Safe With Children?

Mary McGowan writes: Pit Bulls are perfectly safe with children as long as the dog is used to being around them. Pit Bulls are an extremely loyal breed and as far as the dog belonging to a family with children, the dog will become a protector of the child just as much as of the  Full Article…