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Does a Pit Bull have to be kept chained up?

Patch O’ Pits writes:
Speaking as an owner I have never had mine chained up. So no it is not necessary for them to be chained up. Mine are kept indoors and when they are outside are in a fenced yard supervised for playtime and potty breaks 🙂

How dogs are kept of course would be the owners personal preference.

There are some owners who do choose to keep their dogs outside and some keep them chained to confine them to the yard. Some have rather nice set ups with dog houses and shade trees

Another good option if a dog is going to be kept outside for any period of time and can’t be supervised is a large sturdy kennel set up with a top to prevent jumping and or climbing out .

Quite honestly since APBTs love attention, I feel they do best indoors where they can interact with their owner/s.

When they are outside I recommend the owner either supervise the dogs in a fenced yard or a dog being kept on a leash and walk them that goes for any breed not just the APBT.

Diane Jessup writes:
A pit bull does not have to be kept chained up, however an appropriate tether set up inside a fenced yard is a humane and often far superior way to safely confine a dog than crating all day. Tethers generally give a dog much more room to move about than a kennel situation. Some well trained pit bulls can stay in the house when their owners are gone.

Jesse Holmes (webmaster) writes:
Based on my own experience with my young American Pit Bull Terrier, a great factor is where you live. I live on a remote horse farm, so I’m fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to train my APBT to stay with us when we’re outside. However, if she sees something she wants to investigate, she almost always ignores my commands to stay close and will investigate anyways. It seems as though this is simply part of the Terrier nature.

When it comes to leaving your Pit Bull unsupervised in your home, do it at your own risk. It would be impossible for me to list all the objects my young Pit Bull has destroyed, including my office chair. However, based on experience with other breeds, this is simply a trait that most dogs outgrow no matter what the breed. Some breeds are just more inclined to chew stuff up.

  • teece

    Mine doesn’t even have a fence, he just really gets his boundary that i made sure to show him