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What is BSL?

BSL stands for Breed-Specific Legislation. BSL tries to prevent people from owning certain breeds of dogs (especially Pit Bulls). Many owners of breeds mentioned in BSL are outraged at the idea of regulating the ownership of a certain breed of dog. Check out StopBSL.com for more info and learn how you can help fight BSL.

  • Gail L Rosbach

    BSL Breed Specific Laws..usually means laws such as
    Dog must be kept in a fence..usually 6 ft,tall that the dog cannot escape from
    When taken off the owners Property, the dog must be on a leash with an adult handler
    Liability Insurance must be carried on the dog
    Dog needs to be licensed (License to be renewed every year
    Dog must be spayed/neutered
    There would be a hefty fine if dog is caught at large
    No chaining or tethering of dog
    These are measures already taken by most dog owners. BSL becomes required when dangerous dogs cause a lot of bodily injury or death in a community. BSL is not about banning breeds. It is about making owners of breeds responsible for their dogs

  • Shannon Thompson

    Actually Gail….BSL stands for BREED SPECIFIC Legislation. It IS about banning breeds. All the items you list in your post below, is what owners of ALL dogs should do, not just owners of specific breeds…it is called responsible ownership (or more preferred, Guardianship).
    If all towns/cities had blanket dangerous dog laws and not BSL (which has been proven to do nothing about lowering bite statistics and has outrageous costs attached to it) the number of reported dog bites and maulings would be reduced.
    I know you are an advocate for BSL, I have seen posts from you about how dangerous Pit Bull type breeds (I am assuming you mean any dog that has a block head and is muscular-because a pit bull is not a breed but a lumped description of MANY breeds including mixes), so reading your post that BSL in NOT about banning breeds, just confirmed my suspician that you know nothing about the subject and base your opinion on media hype and websites who’s facts are based on media reporting/hype. Very sad.